Are free-range eggs and dairy products OK to eat?

Most consumers believe “free-range” hens and cows live happily and peacefully until they are slaughtered. But no laws or standards regulate the use of terms like “free-range” and “free-roaming.” In fact, common cruel industry practices used in factory farms, such as debeaking, forced molting, and literally throwing away male chicks at birth, also take place at many “free-range” farms. Of course, all the animals are slaughtered whenever it is deemed most profitable.

From the “free-range” hen who smells fresh air for the first time on the way to the slaughterhouse to the “humanely raised” dairy cow whose male baby is taken away from her at birth and sold to veal farmers, all animals raised for food suffer and are exploited. Even small, family-run dairy farms often have no choice but to send their older cows to slaughter and their newborn males to veal farms. For these reasons, we believe the only humane option is to refrain from eating eggs, milk, and meat. It’s better for your health, the environment, and animals, and it’s far easier to do than you may think! Click here for more info.