60 Seconds With an Elephant

Posted by  Rachelle Owen

You know what’s wrong with using animals in circuses, right? Well, here’s the deal: They’re torn away from their families, kept chained until they give up and stop fighting back, and forced to perform ridiculous tricks that they would NEVER do in the wild.

Elephants, tigers, and other animals don’t perform because they want to.
They perform because they’re scared NOT to.

elephants in chains

Ringling Bros. is touring the country this summer and bringing its neglected, broken elephants along with it. These animals need a superhero to tell the world that they deserve more. And that superhero is YOU! Share the video below with everyone you know and tell them NEVER to buy a ticket to any circus that uses animals.

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    I need help, im not really sure what kind of picture im uploading?

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      A screenshot of the completed mission. 🙂

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    889 days ago

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    I pray that all involved in this torture receive tenfold back @ them!

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    896 days ago

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    I wasn’t able to post to thier wall. All the uploads kept failing. I think they banned me. I wouldn’t be surprised, SeaWorld already did….