Air France: Making $ off Monkey Torture!

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Each year, tens of thousands of monkeys are flown to animal testing laboratories in the U.S.

PETA investigation, monkey at The Oregon National Primate Research Center

Some of them have been snatched from the wild, torn away from their homes and families. Crammed into tiny wooden crates in the cargo holds of passenger flights, they endure a dark and terrifying journey.

Air France continues to ship monkeys to laboratories, despite the fact that nearly every other major airline in the world has stopped sending monkeys on these horrific one-way flights—in many cases, to their deaths in notoriously cruel laboratories.

While pressure from PETA and our supporters caused Air France to cancel at least one scheduled shipment of 60 laboratory-bound monkeys, the company remains one of the largest traffickers of primates in the world.

Monkeys need YOU! Urge Air France and the tiny group of other heartless airlines that still transport primates destined for laboratories to adopt a policy against the practice.

Tell Air France officials that you won’t be flying with the airline until it stops this cruel practice:

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