Proof that Animal Testing Hurts :(

Posted by  Danielli Marzouca

We know what it’s like for you to walk through your home feeling the eyes of all the animals who were poisoned and killed just for the products your mom or dad buy on the reg—like shampoo, dish detergent, and freakin’ mascara.

Right now, hundreds of thousands of animals—like mice, rats, rabbits, and guinea pigs—are locked in cages, anxious and terrified about what cruel experiment or “test” is going to happen next. Their lives are so barren and unnatural that they tend to suffer from neurotic behavior—biting themselves and even pulling out their own fur.
neurotic, rabbit, bunny

There is NO reason to contribute to this madness when so many cruelty-free, affordable brands are out there.

cruelty-free, yes to carrots


Yeah, one day, you’ll have your very own oasis of cruelty-free, animal-friendly bliss. But why wait? Here’s how to make your home cruelty-free AND score points:

1. Let your family feel the stares by writing “Animal Testing Hurts” on bandages.

animal testing hurts2. Slap ’em on products from companies that you know test on animals. For a super-easy way to find out which companies are hurting animals, check out our Beauty Without Bunnies page!
Animal Testing Hurts

 3. Submit a pic using the form to score 1,000 points!

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