Ask Your Local Coffee Shop to Offer Soy Milk (if It Doesn't Already)

Ask your local coffee hang out to start offering soy milk, if they don’t already. Send us details and the name of the shop.

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  • Profile photo of steviebunnehboo47

    1403 days ago

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    Hi! I was wondering, my new school has a Cyber Cafe! and I doubt they serve any soy based products, though they say they have “organic meats” they wont tell me or my friends if they serve soy milk or any kind of products along the lines. Please help? Here’s their Facebook page link >

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      1402 days ago

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      Hey Stevie,

      You can always call your school and ask them. 🙂

      Be sure to check out The Veggie Burger Project at: to get veggie burgers added to your menu.

      E-mail us at if you have any questions or would like some help!

      ~Rachel S. with peta2

  • Profile photo of OliverBeth

    1421 days ago

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    I’ve ask Quickly’s in Down Town San Jose every time I go there to start offering soymilk for the last 2 weeks. The cashiers that talk to me say that they’re talking to their manager about it and hopefully something will be decided soon.