Bashing Babies’ Skulls for Fashion

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The Canadian seal slaughter will start soon, which means that baby harp seals will be beaten, have their heads bashed in, and be skinned—sometimes while they’re still alive—for their fur!

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We know—it’s horrifying! But guess what? YOU can help us end the seal slaughter once and for all.

Here’s what seals need you to do:

  1. Sign this petition to end the slaughter of baby seals.
  2. Spread the word by sharing this video on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, and ask your friends to sign the petition as well.
  3. Don’t forget to take a screenshot of where you shared your video to receive 1,000 points.

Signing a petition might not feel like a lot, but imagine if you get your friends to sign it and your friends get their friends to sign it and so on—this can make a HUGE difference for seals, and they need you to speak out against this massacre more than ever!




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  • Profile photo of arianaxallonsy

    314 days ago

    This is so sad

  • Profile photo of alextotherescue

    362 days ago

    PROOF that not all canadians are nice

  • 400 days ago

    every year is the same ..maybe kill them for human skin and club them to dead,,what is wrong with the Canadians,I cry every time I see this,,please in gods name STOP THIS KILLINGS OF THE SEALS..

  • 400 days ago

    Bea aware of the graphic video. We have to stop this psycho savage! Please sign the petition and share.

  • 401 days ago

    Please tell the prime minister to stop this. I don’t buy any food from Canada because of this. Because its the same fisherman that go and kill these beautiful creatures. They are babies. How would they like for someone to do this to there chldlren. Think of the mother seal watching. To me this is a sin.

  • Profile photo of reinaoneal

    405 days ago

    I agree. These people have absolutely no heart

  • Profile photo of murphy6

    617 days ago

    never cried so much in my life how can anybody do that is beyond me, is there any leaflets to hand out to people ,or sheets that i can get people to sign ?

  • Profile photo of Madiquinney

    634 days ago

    I’m seriously crying right now this is so sick. These animals don’t deserve this! I really hope we can put a stop to this madness soon! CANADA SUCKS!

  • Profile photo of ifancybands

    634 days ago

    I told my best friend about this, and asked her to sign the petition. She told me no because it’s stupid. Then she said “How else are they supposed to kill them?” I told her that they shouldn’t kill them at all, but she just said I should just get over it.

    • 401 days ago

      It seems your friend doesn’t care about the planet. Tell her she should watch video maybe she will change her mind.

  • 704 days ago


  • Profile photo of tabucur

    705 days ago

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

    ~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

    “Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punisments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way”.

    ~ Martin Luther King Jr ~

  • Profile photo of tessac

    710 days ago

    This makes me very shameful of my country, especially when the canadian government subsidizes from the taxes that we pay to support such an act. I am disgusted that the canadian government would allow them to kill up to 400,000,

    “though government scientists estimated the replacement yield for that year (the number of seals that can be killed while still allowing the species to maintain its population) to be 165,000.

    Not surprisingly, the 2012 quota was not reached; 70,000 seals were killed. (In 2011, about 40,000 seals were killed, in 2010, 67,000, and in 2009, 74,000.) ” -http://liberationbc.org/issues/seal_hunt

    Please everyone, together we can make a difference. If every single one of us truly believe that the world needs change, then we can do just that, every little thing we do helps.

  • Profile photo of savetheanimals143

    728 days ago

    This is so disgusting I don’t see how people have the heart to do this:'(

  • Profile photo of SunnySkies

    729 days ago

    Ugh, why? poor babies :'( ugh this is horrible

  • Profile photo of alexblue

    733 days ago

    Just makes me so sick. How long can this go on?
    Thanks peta2 for keeping this campaign strong!

  • Profile photo of raquelspencer

    738 days ago

    Senseless and barbaric. There’s not ONE reason why this is necessary.

  • Profile photo of lttlepikanomme96

    739 days ago

    I’m against the killing of animals. But, even if I wasn’t…The only time an animal would ever be killed is for sustenance, not fashion sense. I know, most of you won’t agree with me on the sustenance part, but that’s what I say. If they aren’t going to listen to us about not killing them, at least do it to survive, not to make yourself look “cool”…animal aren’t the next trend…they no, this is horrible….and they obviously don’t care….it brings tears to my eyes to watch these people harm these babies for no reason but their own selfish WANTS…they don’t need it…they want it…..some people are just unbelievable…

  • Profile photo of beliebeinanimals

    740 days ago

    its so sad that i cant even watch the video.. this is horrible! how can someone wake up in the morning, look at these animals cute and innocent face then torture it and see it bleed then go home and sleep. feeling no remorse or shame at all. its sick !

  • Profile photo of alekat111

    742 days ago

    how can you do this to a poor thing!!!:( makes me mad

  • Profile photo of jessi15

    743 days ago

    this is wrong on so many levels animals need to get treated fair just the same as humans if you would not do it to your self then do not do it to other living things

  • Profile photo of Faelove

    745 days ago

    It’s people like this that make me hate humans…

  • Profile photo of vegan-vet

    746 days ago

    It shocks me how such an insanely cruel act can be happening!!!

  • 748 days ago

    What monsters are capable of butchering these sweet, totally defenseless pups. It’s just gross, if only I had a bat big enough to reciprocate.BOYCOT CANADA until this brutality is not endorsed.

  • Profile photo of oncemaid

    748 days ago

    That is very cruel

  • 748 days ago