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  • korieshaw12

    I have 10 animals! 6 cats and 4 dogs. All rescues

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  • alain818181

    Very sad

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  • mickey6728

    A girl who loves animals!

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  • griggo15

    "I know your thinking whats a place like me doing in a girl like this." I'm a goofy, and have the soul of a child, I work hard at everything that I strive to do and I've hit and over come many barriers in my life and still striving to take the next steps forward. I grew up racing ATV motocross and was a top rider in my feild events happend and I lost my one dream, but were you lose something you gain something and I'm stiveing to get in all back and one day I hope to race to save animals. I'm a total tomboy with a child like soul, I still enjoy watching kid movies, and I have a soft spot for stuffed animals. I'm a oober nerd with passions for Star wars, LOTR, video games, D&D, Marvel, comics, anime and much more. I like to read, I write, and I like to draw one day even hoping to use my art in some fashion. If my friends had to use one word to describe me it would be passionate. Anything I do I do 110% and I hope to try and make the world a better place even if I just one pebble in endless bed of rocks. I love tattoos and piercing and I can't wait for the day when the world and its creatures look at one another in true equality were we all can co-exist in a truly peaceful society.

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  • lemonlime7997

    Into social justice and Harry Potter.

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  • jaimykaracaoglu

    My name is Jaimy. I've been to 11 schools in the past 10 years. I've moved all over the world.

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  • kittykatrawr9

    I've been a vegetarian for about ten years and just recently switched to being a vegan. I have loved animals my whole life, especially cats. Sometimes I think I am part cat ^_^ because I love them so much. I have a wonderful boyfriend of 3 years that I love with all my heart. I also love music, horror movies, and haunted houses.

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  • arieljaneseven

    Studying at an online college to be a veterinary technician

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  • gothikagummybear

    Just a small town chick, helping animals and rocking doc martins

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