Bunny Ears, Not Bunny Fur

Posted by  Emily Rohr

Listen carefully: Bunnies are not fabric.

Bunnies SCREAM in pain on angora wool farms when they are yanked out of enclosures by their sensitive ears, are pinned to the floor under workers’ feet, and then violently have their fur ripped out of their skin.

After experiencing such extreme pain, some rabbits go into shock and are unable to move after they’re returned to their filthy, cramped cages. 🙁

Some rabbits who survive this torture every three months for two to five years end up having their throats slit and their dead bodies skinned or sold.

All this happens just so that the angora wool can be used to make sweaters, scarves, winter hats, and other clothing and accessories—even though TONS of cruelty-free options are available.

The good news is you can help stop this by speaking up for bunnies so that the entire world can hear you!

Take steps toward their freedom.

Here’s how:

1.Snap a selfie throwing up some bunny ears or draw your own. That was easy, right?!

2.Post the photo on Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter with the caption “I wear bunny ears, not bunny fur. Never buy angora wool! #‎peta2 #‎crueltyfree.”

    I wear bunny ears, not bunny fur! Never buy angora wool. #peta2 #crueltyfree #peta #Animalrights

    A photo posted by 🐕Jeremy Shaun Whited🐕 (@jeremywhited) on


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