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cesar chavez quote black and whiteCesar Chavez Mass 2009 | Photo by: Korean Resource Center 민족학교 | CC by 2.0

César Chávez wasn’t just a labor leader and civil rights activist. This American hero was also an animal rights activist (like YOU!) and a vegetarian who believed that pigs, cows, and chickens are no different from the dogs and cats we share our homes with and that they ALL deserve respect.

Chávez fought for respect, dignity, and justice, and although he faced oppression, he never, ever backed down.

Honor Chávez by raising your voice against violence!


1. Share this video on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr and urge your friends to join the fight against violence by going vegan!

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    805 days ago

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    i AGREE

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    884 days ago

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    This is disgusting. I will do whatever I can to stop the violence, torture and termination or all animals.