An Elephant's Wish This Holiday Season

For most of us, being home for the holidays is the best thing ever. No 8 a.m. classes, no pop quizzes, and a very welcome break from the total craziness of our everyday lives.

But what if you never got a break for the holidays or even for your whole life? Instead of presents under the tree, all you would ever get is routine beatings, occasional electric shocks, and chains wrapped around your tired feet for sometimes days on end.

This is the life of elephants who are used in circuses like Ringling Bros.

Ringling Bros elephant abuse gif

Most elephants used in circuses were captured in the wild and forced to leave their freedom and families behind.

This holiday season, remind everyone you know that life in the circus is no life at all for animals who are used and abused for “entertainment.” Here’s how:

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Ringling Bros elephant holiday card

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    942 days ago

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    Poor Elephants. The circus is nothing but a joke. Using animals for entertainment. But hurting them to “train” them to do tricks. Things animals aren’t meant to even do naturally. I wish every circus to be banned.