• ilovetofuandveggiesyea

    I have 1 sister and one brother I'm 16 I love color guard I'm the only vegetarian in my family but they support me :)

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  • deedeeramey

    I don't know if this is wrong or not,but I have more compassion for animals than I do for humans. :-)

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  • j9vance

    I am 22. I love animals. I currently work at a bookstore. I would like to finish school with a degree in computers. I love music, watching my favorite shows, reading, and cooking. Love comics and also addicted to sims.

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  • sarahwinkworth

    I graduated from WMU in April 2007 with a BA in social psychology. I worked as a an Activity Director. I'm losing faith in humanity one person at a time.

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  • mijitmac

    16, Pansexual, cosmetology student, loving my friends, music, body modification, photography, modeling, animal rights and the love of my life <3

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  • trinket84

    I have been a vegetarian since i was a child, and now almost 20 years later I am in the process of becoming vegan. I am passionate about animal rights, equality, sustainability, green design, and clean food air and water.

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  • savethewhales

    Save all the animals in the world!

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  • CiaraByrne

    Staying Strong

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  • aelich

    Once upon a story there was a little girl that always enjoyed playing around seeing animals but also loved them in her plate... Came the day she found about this this magical word ''vegetarian'' where she starting using it and living it, and using it as a weapon to kill the massive zombie attack, but that wasn't the biggest weapon of them all, she needed to go vegan, she discussed things with Brock-Lee and he gave the power and important nutrition to go on in her journey. Then came zombies trying to attack her the took out the amazing Veganomicon! And all the zombies turned into her and joined her in the Vegan Revolution!

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