Who's Ready for Cruelty-Free Friday?!

Did you know that each time you purchase cosmetics that aren’t cruelty-free or clothing and other products made from wool, down, leather, or fur, you’re paying companies to torture and kill animals?

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This holiday season, don’t get caught paying for this kind—or any kind—of suffering!

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Mark your calendars! On November 29, compassionate folks from all over the country are transforming Black Friday into Cruelty-Free Friday, and we need YOUR help to make sure that all shoppers spend that cash with compassion in mind.


  • If you’re planning to shop this Black Friday, be sure to share the below image with all your friends online to let them know that you’ll be leaving products such as cosmetics that have been tested on animals and clothing that’s made from fur, leather, down, and wool out of your shopping cart.

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  • Not really the shopping type, but know someone who is? No problem! Share this with your shopaholic pals instead and remind them why shopping cruelty-free is the best Black Friday deal for themselves and for animals.

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