‘Cut Out Dissection’ Chalkboard

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Did you know that animals used for classroom dissection—including frogs, cats, and fetal pigs—are bred in warehouses, snatched from the wild, and even taken from animal shelters before being killed? :(

These animals need YOU to spread the word at school! Check out how:

  1. With your teacher’s permission write “Cut Out Dissection! peta2.com” on a chalkboard or whiteboard at school (see the pictures below for inspiration). That way, the next class will see that chopping up dead animals is wrong!
  2. Snap a photo of the chalkboard (or whiteboard) with your message and submit it above for points.  
Cut Out Dissection Chalkboard Mission Picture 1
Cut Out Dissection Chalkboard Mission Picture 2

P.S. If writing on a whiteboard, make sure you don’t use a permanent marker—we don’t want you to get in trouble! :)



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