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  • anjewelmorin

    Vegetarian for 2 years and counting!

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  • rockingoutinsilence2399

    Writer, vegetarian/ almost vegan, lover of Supernatural, vanilla seltzer, Stephan King books, animals (obviously), and a certain boy but we don't talk about that.


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  • vegetariangirl17

    HI :) I'm Kara! I love animals so much and I hope to maybe open my own Animal Boarding Facility/Doggie Day Care. I want it to be really relaxing, comfortable and I don't want it to be the typical metal cages that most animals get put in. I want to encourage tons of play and fun! I love going to concerts and listen to all types of music. I like the New York Giants. I have a lovely cat named Tyga. And the best for last, I'M VEGETARIAN and LOVE PETA! :)

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  • faelove

    I'm Faylo, a college student, ukulele-ist, sewer and vegetarian! I love nature, but I love the city too, and will do everything in my power to do what I think is right <3

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  • chicvegetarian

    I wanted to be a SeaWorld trainer for as long as I can remember. Then, I saw the documentary "The Cove" and now I am dead set on bringing SeaWorld to the ground.

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  • ryanneflorence

    I have loved animals ever since I was little! I think they have such depth and they will give unconditional love! I have three dogs, one cat and a fish, and I love them all! I enjoy art class and I like to learn of world history and global issues. I think that humans should be more loving and caring towards animals, and that we can't think of ourselves as more important, because we aren't!

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  • samjamesgunner

    Well i'm an internet loving student who lives in the UK but Loves Australia, I make films and I take media at College and am going to University to do Media too!


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  • mayashah

    Just a small town girl.... living in a VEGAN world :)

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  • step2

    I have always had a heart towards animals. When I feel down they bring me up. Knowing when someone says something to me that scars me for life I know all I have to do is hug my animals. Paul McCartney is my hero. I have liked him since the beginning of fourth grade. When he was a vegetarian I looked him up and I came to Peta. I am addicted to animals, Paul McCartney, and Peta2. I am a huge fan of One Direction. I'm a vegetarian and I love lions and SEALS! Add me!

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