Keep Homeless Animals Warm!

Look around your room. Do you have a blanket, an old coat, or stuffed animals that you no longer use? Chances are the answer is YES. Then you have the perfect gift for homeless dogs and cats near you!

Millions of dogs and cats enter animal shelters in this country every year! And although it’s impossible for you to adopt them all, you can definitely show them some .

Sleepy cat

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Donate blankets, toys, food and water dishes, leashes, dog and cat food, or anything else you that think your local animal shelter might need. Another great gift to give your local animal shelter is your time—you can help walk the dogs, keep the shelter clean, answer the phone, etc.!

donation dogs and cats

REMEMBER: Every little bit helps! Don’t know of an animal shelter near you? Click here to look for one!

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