Donna Isn't Carin' for Animals, but You Can Show That You Do

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Some of my fave and interesting fashion statements? The top hat and monocle! I mean, think about it: If you saw someone walking down the street sporting those duds, you’d definitely take a second look (not that I wear either of those things … I swear). Fashion should be eye-catching and intriguing, but not when it’s at the expense of animals’ lives.

Every year, fur farmers torture animals—including bunnies—by keeping them in tiny cages and then using cruel methods to kill them, such as suffocation, drowning, and anal electrocution. Sometimes these heinous acts leave the animals still conscious when farmers begin to rip the fur from them. This is no way to treat a being that can feel pain, especially not for an f’ing coat!

Donna Karan knows the agony that animals endure for her clothing line, and now you can make sure that your friends know, too. Move your mouse over PETA’s Donna Karan “Hidden Truth” image, and you’ll discover that underneath her tasteless furry fashion is the suffering of countless victims. Stand up for bunnies (and all our furry friends!) who are tortured on fur farms by posting our Donna Karan “Hidden Truth” image on Facebook.

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