Flaunt Your ♥ for Animals!

Check out all the details below and then click "Get Points" to submit a form for points!

Now that you’ve installed the FREE peta2 app (you did, RIGHT?!), it’s time to dress your new weapon for success!


Want to speak up for animals without actually saying a word? Here’s how:

  1. Click and download one (or all three!) of these snazzy images to your phone.
    vegan is hope wallpaperFriends not Food wallpaperSuperhero wallpaper

2. Make it the lock screen wallpaper on your phone and take a screenshot!

3. Submit the photo using the form below for mad points (1,500!). :)

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  • Profile photo of xthecheshirecat

    189 days ago

    these are cute but I have an android so I was only able to make it my wallpaper.

  • Profile photo of KatieRenae

    207 days ago

    Make a windows phone and android app please!

  • Profile photo of brandydenise

    218 days ago

    I made it my home screen because i have an android and you couldn’t see the image well on the lock screen :c

  • Profile photo of sammantha

    239 days ago

    Make an android app please

  • Profile photo of jourdinn

    252 days ago

    My phone is broken :/

  • Profile photo of smokeyhope

    264 days ago

    I love pigs

  • Profile photo of Sabrinaelyse26

    264 days ago

    Hey you guys! You can email the picture to yourself and open it on your phone then save the picture! :)

  • Profile photo of LettuceGoddess

    269 days ago

    Please, please, please make an Android app! I want adorable piggies on my screen! <3

    • Profile photo of moniquesharaya

      253 days ago

      You should just be able to download the images in your phone internet browser! I just selected it and saved the file and it went to my photos :)

  • Profile photo of Whitetigress987

    279 days ago

    please make an android app!

  • Profile photo of sadisticcinderella

    286 days ago

    Wish I had one, only have an android :(

  • Profile photo of aimeeb1121

    289 days ago

    Please make more of these! They’re so cute!

  • Profile photo of taskia

    295 days ago

    You should make an app for windows 8 phones }:

  • Profile photo of Helena8664

    297 days ago

    Unfortunately, I don’t have an awesome fancy phone… Would it be possible to get some cute new normal computer wallpapers with an animal rights message?

    • Profile photo of Rachelle-O

      247 days ago

      You can use these on any phone!

  • Profile photo of sparklyunicorn

    297 days ago

    i cant i have an android :(

  • Profile photo of stephaniemro

    298 days ago

    What if we don’t have an IPhone? Do you have the app for androids?

  • Profile photo of ADanimallover

    299 days ago

    I downloaded all three of them

  • Profile photo of AJ126

    300 days ago

    I downloaded the pigs! They’re so cute!

  • Profile photo of monkeylicious12

    301 days ago

    Love the pigs

  • Profile photo of maria34

    301 days ago

    More please?

  • Profile photo of DiakoFeiz

    302 days ago

    I did it

  • Profile photo of melissanovikoff

    302 days ago

    Super cute! I love them, great backgrounds.

  • 303 days ago

    These are so cute! More, more, more!