FREE Turkey Tombstones!

No matter what colorful, misleading labels you put on them, plastic-wrapped dead birds are just that: the corpses of tortured birds who did NOT give their lives so someone could eat their flesh.

Each year, 46 million turkeys are killed in the U.S. just for Thanksgiving—and they suffer before they die. Some turkeys have been kicked, have had their heads stomped on, and even have had their heads held underwater—all while they were still alive.

Let’s not kid ourselves here. When it comes to pain, love, fear, and joy, there is no difference between a turkey and a dog. Their bodies are meant for living, not for being eaten.

But one animal in the pic IS like the other: The turkey wanted to live just as much as the dog does.

Real talk: Neither dogs nor turkeys belong in an oven.

If you’ve already read through our Thanksgiving Survival Guide and tried to persuade your fam to serve Tofurky or another vegan turkey this year but had no luck, maybe it’s time to be a little more direct—with peta2’s new turkey tombstones!

thanksgiving turkey

Just print out peta2’s turkey tombstone (or make your own) and submit a picture of it alongside your family’s turkey carcass to earn 2,000 points!

You might want to be ready for some follow-up questions. Check this out! 

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    aww, canada celebrated thanksgiving already this october 🙁 oh well!