Give SeaWorld the WORST WEEK EVER!

Posted by  Rachelle Owen

SeaWorld is full of it.

No company that claims to care about animals would capture them, tear them away from their families, keep them in cramped tanks that are too small and too unnatural, and force them to perform tricks for audiences. I mean, who does SeaWorld think it’s fooling?


Orcas at SeaWorld gnaw at iron bars and concrete out of stress, anxiety, and boredom.

No matter what SeaWorld says, these animals WANT OUT.

Orca Head Banging

For orcas at SeaWorld, every day is the worst day ever. Next week, raise your voice for the inmates orcas and give SeaWorld the worst week ever. Text* SEA to 73822 (in the U.S.) and 99099 (in Canada), and each day for the entire week, we’ll hit you up with a way to take action against SeaWorld.

casey texting peta2


Snap a screenshot of your text to 73822 or 99099, log in, and fill out the form below to get 1,000 points!

*IMPORTANT: Message & data rates may apply. Periodic Messaging. Text STOP to end or text HELP for info. Full terms are at

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  • Profile photo of luciferia

    709 days ago

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    People, does’t matter if you live in whatever country! The important thing is that you at least try. If it didn’t work, you’ll know it didn’t work.

  • Profile photo of BonnieBee

    721 days ago

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    I want to take action too, but I live in Germany 🙁

  • Profile photo of stephxx

    725 days ago

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    What about people in Ireland !!! I want to help.

  • Profile photo of stephxx

    729 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    What do you do if you don’t live in America? I want to help!!!

  • Profile photo of twistedspitz

    732 days ago

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    Do you have a number I can text from the UK? I want to help!

    • Profile photo of CaseyRedd

      718 days ago

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      We do not have a texting program for the UK as of now!