• banksy

    Love is my weapon Music is my religion Peace is in my soul https://www.classy.org/fundraise?fcid=442300 check out this link and maybe donate to help others

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  • habitualextract

    hi, i' m quinn. i currently live in wisconsin but once i graduate and make my way out in the "real world" i want to move to portland, oregon. i have a passion for making short films and fondly enjoy animals.

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  • punkrockalien

    Currently a senior in high school, vegetarian, but I'm slowly incorporating vegan choices in my life, hopefully be completely vegan by the end of the year. I have a cat, dog and a turtle, all adopted. They are my life <3 I'm 17 with dreams to be a special effects makeup artist c:

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  • lemonlime7997

    Into social justice and Harry Potter. Ask me about my vegan story.

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  • dekahlo

    Loving animals and life.

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  • chinchillalover

    Vegan for 2 years and 8 months =] Grew up in Southeast Asia, majoring in Political Science and Philosophy and planning to go to law school to become a kick ass victim's advocacy lawyer!

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  • link102

    Hey everyone! Greetings from Russia. I'm a vegan since 2014, January. But I thought about it for 2 years. I became a vegan because of animal caring. Hmm... What can I say more? Alright, my political view is left side and radical (anarchist). I'm living in a small town in Europe part of Russia. There's really small group of people like me, and It's really hard to make organization or smt like that. By the way, my GF is vegan too, so big thanks for her, she always help me in different situations connected with vegan idea. About the vegan burgers.... It's really nice idea, but unfortunately it can't be realized in most of the schools in my country. Because we don't have any choice in cafeteria, we must eat that cooks will prepare. Or don't eat there. So do I. We studying usually for 4-5 hours, so for me It's usual to grab an apple for quick lunch. I can't find any vegan products in shops such as tofu, soy meat/milk and another ones. But there's a lot of vegetables and fruits, so I won't give up :D Also I have a garden, where I can plant and take fresh, free(almost) products every day (if it's not winter) I support some of the organizations like ALF, ELF and another. Will try to change the world despite of punishment. Thanks for reading that useless sh#t, and sorry for my awful english :3 P.S If you have some questions or free cookies pm me

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  • kassyboo

    i'm a 14 year old vegetarian. i'm an agnostic and a lover of knowledge. i enjoy shows such as the vampire diaries, the originals and pretty little liars.

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  • ericastruble

    I love anamals! I hang out with my friends all the time. I had so many different types of pets in my life. I love to wach moves and playing sports.

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  • cannablissfully

    Well I have always had a love for music,art,reading,and of course animals <3 Someday I hope I can use my art and music abilities to spread the message That animals are our friends not our food or our property :) .

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  • thatoneasianmidget

    Amber/ Animals/ Supernatural/ Metal Concerts

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  • togetherwecansavethemall

    Hello, I currently volunteer at a non kill shelter in my free time. I enjoy running, reading, and playing with my dogs. I also enjoy cooking and baking.

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