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Chances are, at some point in your life (or heck, even at some point this week), you’ve spotted a stray cat who looks like he lives on his own on the streets without anyone looking out for him. Although it may look like these cats are holding their own out there—they’re not.

Whether they are feral (not socialized and terribly afraid of people) or not, these kitties are still domesticated animals and aren’t equipped to survive on their own.



Here are seven images that will make you think twice about leaving stray and feral cats outside to fend for themselves (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS):

1. They are often poisoned, shot, or tortured by cruel people.

stray cat

2. They are hit by cars and attacked by other animals.

stray cat

3. They die of exposure, starvation, and highly contagious fatal diseases, such as rabies, feline AIDS, feline leukemia, and feline infectious peritonitis.

stray cat

4. Even highly treatable conditions can be deadly for cats who cannot be handled and regularly taken to a veterinarian.

stray cat

5. Ear mite infestations, minor cuts, and puncture wounds can turn into raging infections and abscesses.

stray cat

6. Cats with untreated upper respiratory infections may not be able to see and breathe properly—or at all—because of the mucus obstructing their eyes and noses.

stray cat

7. Ferals driven crazy by the pain and itching of ear mites and the accompanying infections often scratch their ears bloody.

stray cat

Many stray and feral cats die of blood loss or anemia caused by parasites and fleas. Untreated urinary tract infections, which frequently lead to blockages of the urethra in male cats, cause extremely painful lingering deaths.


When you see free-roaming cats, don’t assume that they belong to someone. They may be lost or abandoned and in need of food, shelter, or medical treatment. Call your local animal shelter or animal control agency for help right away!

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  • Profile photo of crizi

    268 days ago

    My first cat I got from a guy where they were selling chickens and stuff and he just gave my little brother and I each a cat, my other cat I got from my aunt because her child was shutting it in the litter box and hitting it so I feel pretty good about taking her in. Every time I see a cat on the side of the road I automatically want to stop and take it home with me, they’re so cute and fluffy!!!

  • Profile photo of princesslexxxie

    372 days ago

    All three o my cats were strays, and I made my mom let me keep them so that I could help them and probably saved their lives. Sadly one had to be put to sleep and all I did was cry for 2 days straight because he was my life. I was in 3rd grade when I saved my first one and I’m so happy that I did!!

  • Profile photo of coomerjulie

    483 days ago

    My cat showed up in my basement one day she was EXTREMELY malnourished, and suffered from anxiety, I called her lucky because she’s lucky to have stumbled into our home, we cared for her and 2 years later, she is healthy and happy, and laying on our rug by the fire. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t help such a loving creature.

    • Profile photo of Whitney-C

      480 days ago

      Awww, thanks for sharing this story and for helping her!

  • Profile photo of tommycat

    527 days ago

    oh my, im crying.

  • Profile photo of CheyenneStarr

    533 days ago

    I am so happy I saved my baby from this. He is the most loving person I’ve ever met, even if he’s a cat :p. I always feed strays. Some day I’m going to be a crazy cat lady who picks up every stray. I have accepted my fat xD

    • Profile photo of Whitney-C

      533 days ago

      Be sure to e-mail us at CIDinfo@peta.org if you see a stray kitty who needs help! Always remember that even if the kitties look healthy, the streets are still a very deadly place for them to be living. :(

  • Profile photo of Robenia

    546 days ago

    I don’t think this happens in the UK,hope not anyway. We need more things to help the UK animals and more things I can get involved with!

  • Profile photo of luciferia

    552 days ago

    It hurts and makes me SO ANGRY that these horrible things happened to the innocent cats! The title should say ” warning: cruelty photos” so i wouldnt see it but too late…

  • Profile photo of magnus

    559 days ago

    We have 4 cats and we rescued all of them like this. Its still sad tho.

  • Profile photo of sarahgirl14

    560 days ago

    Ok I want to be a veterinarian, but still seeing these things breaks me down… I am a huge animal lover with 4 cats right now, and if any of them are ever in pain, it kills me. I HATE seeing this and I want to help and I do. I have learned how to domesticate feral cats, it takes an extremely long period of time, but it is COMPLETELY worth it.

  • Profile photo of mariasarango

    561 days ago

    I can’t believe this!
    This makes me very sad, I have such a big heart for animals and equal rights and seeing images like this hurts me deeply.

  • 561 days ago

    OMG!! wut is wrong w/ this world!!? I cried looking at these photos! Wut did they honestly do to you horrible people!!?

  • Profile photo of al3x97

    562 days ago

    wth poor cats :(

  • Profile photo of monkeypants64

    562 days ago

    :,( WHYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Profile photo of moltenowl

    567 days ago

    Can I share in pinterest since I don’t have facebook or twitter?

    • Profile photo of SaraAnn-C

      564 days ago

      Sure! You can also share it on Tumblr or Instagram. :)

  • Profile photo of TheVeganDancer

    567 days ago

    Awww…. I HATE cruel people! Who would HANG CATS????? Those people need to be locked up in a mental institution….. Never let them see SUNLIGHT again!

  • Profile photo of iheartveggieburgers98

    569 days ago

    Oh my god. Poor kitty!

  • Profile photo of CickyGothica

    569 days ago

    Why does some humans hate cats? Can not understand why they are put to misery. What is wrong with humans? Cats are loving and caring and so should humans be as well.

    • Profile photo of nomeatnodairynoprob1em

      568 days ago

      Humans as a whole don’t hate cats but there are many sick people out there who sort of do. Many of these sick people were emotionally or physically hurt during their lifetime and they feel the need to pass that hurt onto others. There are also many who were pressured into hurting an animal early in their life (a father taking a child hunting, or school mates pressuring a kid into hurting a cat for example) and they now have a psychological need to keep hurting animals as it clouds the painful memory of the first animal they hurt and, to an extent, creates a situation in which they never have to admit to themselves that what they did was terribly wrong.
      They often target cats because cats are easy to find and usually easy to catch, and because they are widely regarded as beautiful/cute/innocent and often loved & adored by good-hearted people. For these sick people who were hurt and are looking to pass on that hurt (as previously mentioned) more satisfaction is received if they hurt an animal that is beautiful/cute/innocent and adored by good-hearted people. It’s the same reason that many serial killers target beautiful children.

  • Profile photo of Fatima

    570 days ago

    Oh My God! How awful! It makes me want to cry thinking that such innocent animals can be treated in this way.

  • Profile photo of Rachel0444

    570 days ago

    Its outrageous, cats are such beautiful creatures, and they can still be treated like THIS?!
    This make me really pissed! Each time I saw a cat who had no home, I rescued him, this is an act that I have always done and I cant believe that those adorable creatures must suffer like this. Its so sad. :(

    • Profile photo of Rachel0444

      570 days ago

      Right now I was able to save 7 cats, and im happy I done it because if I do not saved them, they could have been in those conditions. I just hope that one day I could be the voice of those beautiful animals.

  • Profile photo of 23201
    • Profile photo of Whitney-C

      570 days ago

      Thanks so much! <3 Be sure to submit a screenshot for points. :)

  • Profile photo of KelliBrewer

    570 days ago

    Our home is a wonderful place for our 4 cats to live. They get the run of the house, come & go whenever & wherever they please, sleep on our beds, furniture etc. There are 2 large food bowls so they can eat anytime of the day or night & not just a limited amount of food per day. Better yet, they are spoiled rotten cats but we love them dearly.

    • Profile photo of TheVeganDancer

      567 days ago

      Thats awesome!It is always nice to hear a story of happy cats, with loving owners :) Here’s mine: My first cat, Charlie, came from a college student who coulden’t keep him anymore, and her mom is a vet, and she just had a cat found in the streets, so we took him in, too.Now Prince Charles and Earl Grey are in a happy home, where they are loved and also spoiled rotten :)

  • Profile photo of charley199415

    570 days ago

    I was sick of seeing stray cats hanging around my house but now il think twice

  • Profile photo of Dagmar

    570 days ago

    This is why people need to spay and neuter pets. We don’t need asshole humans dumping these guys into the streets.

  • Profile photo of Jasmine-lee

    571 days ago

    These pictures break my heart. I have two adopted cats at home, and couldn’t imagine them being in this state… it’s absolutely horrifying =(

  • Profile photo of equivamp

    571 days ago

    My home is a safe haven for any stray cat looking for food and shelter. We also try to spay and neuter them if they stay around. :(

  • Profile photo of feliciaelina

    571 days ago

    I don’t have fb or twitter, could i just share it on tumblr instead? :)

  • 571 days ago

    Merci de signer contre ce massacre