How Loud Can YOU Scream?

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Can you imagine a place where the only sounds that you hear are metal rods hitting flesh, the cries of mothers as their babies are taken away from them, and screams of agonizing fear and pain?

Places like this do exist: They’re called FACTORY FARMS!

Pigs crowded in factory farmPhoto by: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

Are your friends refusing to open their eyes to the ways that animals suffer and are slaughtered to end up on a plate? Well, now you can make them listen!

Here’s how:

  • Go to your school’s cafeteria and pull out your phone or computer. Then turn the volume to its highest level (remember that you want to turn heads!) and play our shocking “Sounds of Factory Farms” video.


Girls screaming

  • When people ask, “WTF was that?” explain to them that what they just heard were the screams of pigs suffering and in pain on factory farms. Then tell them that the best way that they can help animals is to go vegan!
  • Let us know your friends’ reactions and get 1,000 Street Team points!
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