Inspire Your Family!

How’s your pledge to try veganism going? Maybe you’re a pro, but hopefully if you’re already vegan, you encouraged your fam and friends to try out veganism for the new year. Most of us find it really easy to stay inspired—whether it’s because of our awesome animal companions or health reasons or through daily reminders of the cruelty involved in meat production—but some people aren’t so lucky.

One great way to keep your family from slipping up is to remind them about the awesome choice they have made! And where better to remind them than the fridge? Check out some examples below, and then create your own!

Here’s how:

  1. Pick a few facts that you think everyone should remember before opening the fridge. They can be things like how many animals are killed per year for food, how the factory farming of animals is the number one cause of climate change, or just how gross it is to eat someone else’s fat, flesh, skin, and muscle (yuck!). Make sure that your facts are cute—not too gruesome or rude.
  2. Handwrite or type the facts on a sheet of paper.
  3. Post them on your fridge for everyone in your family to see.
  4. Submit a picture of your decked-out fridge for points!

If you’re looking for places to get some good facts, click here!

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