Love Them, Don't Wear Them

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You wouldn’t want someone to beat you, slit your throat, or skin you alive, would you? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Sounds awful, right? But guess what? Every time you buy a product made from animal skins, you’re telling a company that it’s OK to do this to someone else.

Every year, more than 1 billion cows, sheep, snakes, and other animals are killed for their skin. They have their throats slit and their bodies hacked into pieces, they’re beaten to death with hammers and axes, and some are even skinned alive. All of this is done so that their skin can be turned into jackets, belts, shoes, and purses for humans—even though cruelty-free alternatives exist.

Want to know what you can do to help? Pledge not to wear animals’ skins, and share the images below with everyone you know to spread the word that animals should be lovednot worn!

Skins-Free cow Skins-Free sheepSkins-Free snake

  1. Share one (or all!) of these images on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr. (If you’re sharing on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, be sure to use the hashtags #ImSkinsFree and #peta2!)
  2. Take a screenshot and submit it for 1,000 points by clicking “Get Points” above!


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    784 days ago

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    IDC what people think or say about me, either. If my friends wanna make fun of me, they aren’t real friends. If relatives make fun of me, they are my kin, not my sole mate

  • Profile photo of hollow1creep

    814 days ago

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    idc if my fiends think i over post about peta2 >:0 this kinda stuff needs to be well known everywhere <3333

  • Profile photo of xxjessieirishxx

    864 days ago

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    I just wanna reach that New Age when EVERYONE will be voluntarily Animal Friendly.