One Quick Tweet for Whales

Could you imagine not being able to spend Thanksgiving—or any day—with your friends and family? Take a few seconds to really think about how you’d feel. And what if you were also confined to a tiny concrete prison and abused by others, with nothing at all to be thankful for?

Luckily, this isn’t the reality for most of us. But it is real life for orcas who are imprisoned at SeaWorld day after day, year after year.

orca whale in captivityPhoto: Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

To us, this is heartbreaking. But for some reason, Macy’s thinks that this is something worth celebrating and is planning to include a SeaWorld float in its Thanksgiving Day parade this year. Ugh!

Tell Macy’s that this is not OK!

During the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, tweet this image, along with a message expressing your disappointment about Macy’s decision to include a SeaWorld float in its parade, with the hashtag #MacysParade.

macy's seaworld float

Why should you do this? Countless people will be checking this hashtag during the parade, meaning they’ll find out the truth about SeaWorld’s cruelty from your tweet!

Here are some suggested tweets:


“Orca abuse is not OK, @Macys! So disappointed u kept @SeaWorld’s float in #macysparade. #blackfish #boycottseaworld”

macys seaworld tweet

“Shame on you, @Macys! @SeaWorld’s orca abuse is nothing to celebrate! #blackfish #boycottseaworld #macysparade”

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    Do I still get points if I post it to Facebook instead?

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    956 days ago

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    I see a lot of these Take Action things and i notice that most of them are about sharing and/or posting on you facebook or twitter, i do not have neither a facebook nor a twitter, so how can i do something else to help?

  • Profile photo of cheesefairy12

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    What about facebook?

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    Idint have twitter tho :/ is facebook good?

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