Make an 'I Am peta2' Video!

We feel ya: When you’re out there in the hallway trying to hand out stickers, trying to get petitions signed against dissection, or just trying to peacefully eat your veggie burger at lunch without a parade of questions, it’s easy to feel alone. You’re not!

At some point, slavery, child labor, and the oppression of women were all looked at as legal and acceptable. It took a small group of individuals to stand up against the majority and give a voice to those who were oppressed—and for animals suffering on factory farms, labs, circuses and on fur farms, that voice is yours!

Whether you’re baking vegan cookies to spread the word, or holding regular McCruelty protests—the work you do makes a difference, and you ARE peta2! Check out some of the amazing work that some of our peta2 Street Teamers are doing for animals:

We want to hear what YOU’RE doing! Make a quick video and end it with “I am [your name here], and I am peta2!”, submit the link to your video, and we’ll give you 3,500 points!

Street Teamers have completed this mission for animals.


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    1604 days ago

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    I’m going to do this as soon as I get home from Europe 🙂 Can’t wait!

  • Profile photo of smileitsk7

    1615 days ago

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    So excited to make a video!!