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  • jkjoseph

    Peace and love :)

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  • ILoveAnimals

    I was born a little while ago, now I'm here.

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  • kittykatrawr9

    I've been a vegetarian for about ten years and just recently switched to being a vegan. I have loved animals my whole life, especially cats. Sometimes I think I am part cat ^_^ because I love them so much. I have a wonderful boyfriend of 3 years that I love with all my heart. I also love music, horror movies, and haunted houses.

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  • sarahann32

    Hi! :) I'm Sarah. I've been vegetarian as long as I can remember, and switched to vegan about 2 years ago. I love animals and really want to make a difference in their lives!

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  • motionlessinwhiteforever

    i don't wanna tell :P

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  • katieann95

    I love to help out with animals and try to make change in the world.

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  • Sagojyou

    I am awesome. That is all.

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  • step2

    I have always had a heart towards animals. When I feel down they bring me up. Knowing when someone says something to me that scars me for life I know all I have to do is hug my animals. Paul McCartney is my hero. I have liked him since the beginning of fourth grade. When he was a vegetarian I looked him up and I came to Peta. I am addicted to animals, Paul McCartney, and Peta2. I am a huge fan of One Direction. I'm a vegetarian and I love lions and SEALS! Add me!

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  • Liz

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  • lindseyyferg

    My life can't fit in this box. c;

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