One-Minute Mission: Accidentally Vegan!

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We’ve all been there—hungrily staggering down the grocery store aisles in search of something cruelty-free, easy to make, and delish, right?

Well, that stagger can be a thing of the past with peta2’s “Accidentally Vegan” guide—a list of vegan products that we can all find at our local grocery stores! Our “Accidentally Vegan” list is a go-to guide for grocery shopping and the key to our next One-Minute Mission!

Here are the mission details:

  • Check out the list here and pick your fave.
  • Share it on Facebook or Twitter! Say something like “Did you know [fave accidentally vegan product here] is vegan?! ♥ Check out what else is: http://bit.ly/bym1Ve.”

Submit a screenshot of your update or tweet for points!



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