One-Minute Mission: Ready? Set! GO!

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We know you ? the peta2 Street Team, but did you know that Jordan from The Ready Set does, too? Jordan shot this video to tell everyone to join:

Whether it’s because you like free stuff, want to save animals, or want to get in touch with other activists around the world, being a part of the Street Team is a great idea.

Your next One-Minute Mission is to share this video on Facebook and urge your friends to join the peta2 Street Team!

Click here to share the video on Facebook, and be sure to add a link to the peta2 Street Team (it’s peta2.com/StreetTeam) in the description so that your friends can join!

Submit a screenshot for points.

What’s YOUR favorite part about the Street Team?



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  • Profile photo of lubist

    1038 days ago

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    This is great! :) I love Jordan He’s very cute. 😉

  • Profile photo of DarianNorthcutt

    1045 days ago

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  • Profile photo of ash4rox

    1058 days ago

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    Jordan Witzigreuter <3 I'm so happy he is part of this!!