One-Minute Mission: Tag peta2!

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I ♥ Facebook, you ♥ Facebook … we all ♥ Facebook, right?

Facebook is a great way to get the word out about animal rights issues, spread the word to your friends about how they can help, and expose the cruelty inherent in industries that don’t want you to know the truth. peta2’s Facebook page is a great resource for anyone who wants to help animals, so this month we’re asking you to show a lil’ love for peta2 by asking your friends to give us a “like.”

Here are some examples (make sure that you type in “@peta2.com,” and our Facebook page should come up):

one minute mission: tag peta2!

  • I ♥ [tag peta2 here] because it shows me how I can change the world—one meal at a time!
  • I ♥ [tag peta2 here] because I love animals and don’t want to hurt them.
  • Love animals? “Like” [tag peta2 here], and find out how you can help save them.
  • Want to be a lifesaver? “Like” [tag peta2 here]!

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