One-Minute Mission: WARN YOUR FRIENDS!

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OK, by now you know that flesh is for zombies, right? Seriously, what’s up with everyone scarfing down someone else’s body parts? Ribs, thighs, legs, breasts … gross! C’mon, people, think for yourself and stop being … you guessed it … zombies!

peta2’s “Flesh Is for Zombies” campaign is aimed at spreading the word that eating flesh, denying facts, and being a follower are all things that you might find a legit zombie doing. In order to save your friends and family, you need to tell them to fight the outbreak by going vegan, plain and simple!


Post a warning on your Facebook wall to get the word out. Here are a few examples:

  • WARNING: The outbreak is here! Find out how you can fight the flesh-eating virus at
  • THIS JUST IN! Zombies are everywhere! Quick—SURVIVE at
  • ASK YOURSELF: Isn’t eating someone else’s body parts something a zombie might do? Don’t be a zombie! SURVIVE at

Make sure that your post shares the campaign link above so that your friends click through to the “Flesh Is for Zombies” site!

Submit a screenshot for points.

Remember: grains, not brains!



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  • Profile photo of chey323

    1048 days ago

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    Can we put it on twitter too??

    • Profile photo of

      1048 days ago

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      Hey Cheyanne,

      Yes. Please post this on Twitter. That’s a great way to spread awareness! :)

      ~Rachel S. with peta2

  • Profile photo of octopusfrenzy

    1055 days ago

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    this is the best idea everrrr