peta2 Book Club: ‘Eating Animals’

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Eating AnimalsEating Animals author Jonathan Safran Foer has gone from omnivore to vegetarian and back many times, but he started really thinking about where food comes from when he found out that his wife was having a baby. Eating Animals is a combination of Foer’s analysis of the relationship between tradition and eating habits, firsthand visits with family and factory farmers, his journey to learn for himself the truth behind why people consume flesh, and facts about the environmentalmoral, and health problems associated with eating animals.

Eating Animals is a must-read for everyone—even if you’re already veganIf you’re new to the animal rights moment, this is a great book to start with—it’s super easy to read and even has a section dedicated to explaining animal-related terms (like “battery cage,” “bycatch,” and “downer“) near the beginning of the book.

My favorite quote ever happens to come from this book, too—and I paraphrase it every time someone tries to tell me that meat just “tastes too good” not to eat it. Check it out:

“Two friends are ordering lunch. One says, ‘I’m in the mood for a burger,’ and orders it. The other says, ‘I’m in the mood for a burger,’ but remembers that there are things more important to him than what he is in the mood for at any given moment and orders something else.”

Makes sense, right?

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