Try Vegan in 2015 with peta2's Mobile Menu!

If you could do something that would help save animals from suffering on factory farms and in slaughterhouses, would you?

You could save animals like this mom, who wouldn’t have to watch her calf suffer if no one wanted her milk.

cow calf dairy farm

Or you could save this pig, who wouldn’t have to face the slaughter line, terrified and hopeless, if people didn’t eat bacon.

pig slaughterhouse

If you had to look them in the eye in their last moments alive, would you pledge to stop this from happening?

The good news for animals is that you can do that right now, right here—by pledging to go vegan for the new year! And it’s never been easier: For your first two weeks trying vegan, we’ll help you out with our brand-new mobile menu. Each day, we’ll text you a vegan meal plan for the following day, including delish ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

mobile menu example

Once you text in, you will start getting the mobile menu messages*, so keep an eye out!


Not in the United States or Canada? Check out peta2’s two-week meal plan!

Be sure to snap a screenshot of your confirmation text for 750 Street Team points!

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*For help at any time, U.S. subscribers can text the word HELP to 73822 and Canadian subscribers can text the word HELP to 99099. To unsubscribe at any time, U.S. subscribers can text the word STOP to 73822 and Canadian subscribers can text the word STOP to 99099. peta2 will send up to 10 messages per month. *Message and data rates may apply. Full terms are at

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