PETCO Sends Pet Turtles to Meat Farm

Need more proof that PETCO doesn’t care about animals? Because of newly reported cases of salmonella that have been linked to pet turtles, the company has launched a “turtle relinquishment program,” which encourages people to bring in their pet turtles and give them to PETCO.The retail giant told PETA that people who give up their turtles are told that the animals will get to “grow up” at Concordia Turtle Farm.

Turtles are being sent to massive meat farm

But the truth, according to PETCO, is that many of these turtles are actually recycled back into the pet trade! 

And Concordia Turtle Farm? It’s actually a massive turtle meat factory farm that ships more than 2 million hatchlings  overseas annually, mostly to China, for slaughter!

PETCO should not be selling turtles to begin with, let alone recycling them back into the pet trade and/or doing business with a massive turtle meat factory farm! E-mail James Myers, CEO of PETCO, at [email protected] and urge him to stop supporting the suffering of turtles. 

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