Pound it for Tilly!

Posted by  Danielli Marzouca

Tilly was stolen from his family when he was just a baby and has been held captive at SeaWorld and other marine parks for more than 30 years.

It’s time to let your fist do the talking for Tilly!

Give Tilly a hand by writing on yours:

free tilly, knuckle, nail art

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Paint those nails!
  2. Have an air-dry dance party.
    beauty, fun, casey
  3. Use some cruelty-free nail polish (or a marker) to spell out the future, which happens to be on your fingertips. 🙂beauty, glitter, nail polish, NYX
  4. If you’re as polish-challenged as we are, whip out a marker and draw it on your knuckles.

knuckle message, Seaworld, Tilikum, orca

  1. Send us a pic of your nail or knuckle art using the form below for 1,500 points.nail, knuckle art, tilikum

Oh, and don’t forget to share your awesome design on Instagram or Facebook!

Sharing actually IS caring—let your friends know what’s wrong with SeaWorld.

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Submit your photo using the form to score 1,500 points!


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    I almost wrote the words backwards on my hands XD