Condoms for Cats and Dogs?!

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Every year, MILLIONS of homeless dogs and cats have to be euthanized because there aren’t enough good homes!

The solution: preventing more dog and cat births.

FACT: Dogs and cats can’t use condoms!

FACT: Having your animal companions spayed and neutered is the best way to fight the overpopulation crisis.

spay and neuter condoms

Tell everyone how important spaying and neutering is with our printable peta2 condoms!

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Click here to download and print our peta2 condoms. You can also get them in black-and-white here.
2. Cut them into separate squares and then give them to friends, put them outside a bathroom (with permission, of course!), or keep one in your wallet for when the opportunity to speak up for animals comes up!

gold condom wallet blue condom wallet

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  • Profile photo of Trajan2014

    300 days ago

    What can I do if u don’t have a printer?

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      299 days ago

      Make your own! :)

  • Profile photo of DaughterEarth

    313 days ago

    Breeders make me so angry (and I’m generally not an angry person) It’s just that they are putting these perfectly adoptable dogs at risk of being euthenised because they want to make money. If you need a certain type of dog for any reason (you like that breed personality, you need a hypoallergenic dog, etc) there is a rescue out there specifically for that type of dog!

  • Profile photo of RandomPrezel

    321 days ago

    Make these into sticker format it will be ay better i think!!! :) and if the were real when humans use them lolz

  • Profile photo of ChrisZajac26

    323 days ago

    Can I just share the picture on facebook or Instagram?

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      312 days ago

      Nope, you have to print them or make them yourself. :)

  • Profile photo of kaevans1

    324 days ago

    Is it okay if I draw my own?

  • Profile photo of djlove8545

    324 days ago

    i think this is a amazing way to spread the word but if u want to put it in public or something i dont think this would be the best way it might make people feel uncofterable with the though of condoms but other than that i do suppert spay and nuter its a big problem in this socity and people realy should get the idea through the heads.

  • Profile photo of TrystanGreen

    325 days ago

    What do I do if I don’t have a printer?

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      323 days ago

      You can draw them! :)