• kitty105

    A vegan crazed chickadee who wants equality for all. Life is gewd.

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  • jkjoseph

    Peace and love :)

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  • nisharazack

    Hi my name is Nisha Razack!! I'm from Denver but originally from Queens, NY. I'm a sophomore and go to SHHS class of '17

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  • punkrockalien

    Currently a senior in high school, vegetarian, but I'm slowly incorporating vegan choices in my life, hopefully be completely vegan by the end of the year. I have a cat, dog and a turtle, all adopted. They are my life <3 I'm 17 with dreams to be a special effects makeup artist c:

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  • vanessakyeonacopeland

    I grew up in upstate NY, my grandparents have a farm here and that's where I think I first connected the cute little animals with what was actually on my plate. Ever since I came to that realization I have made it my mission to educate myself about compassionate living and spreading the word!

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  • queueteapi

    My husband and I are about to have our first baby. I'm excited to see if he follows in our compassionate footsteps.

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  • iqradinath113

    My name is Iqra, I love animals and it hurts me when I see an animal in danger.

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  • sadinath

    Live and Let Live! Enjoy each day to its fullest cuz lost time never returns! Keep Faith, Hope, Trust and Patients Always!

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