One-Minute Mission: Fashion Victims

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There’s a bloody trend that can be spotted around school halls and college campuses everywhere: UGGs. Why do we hate this UGGly shoe so much? Well, UGG boots are made of sheepskin (yep, someone’s skin, people!).

The sheep who are killed for UGGs are often merino sheep. Every year, millions of sheep are castrated, have part of their tails cut off (some even have their horns hot-branded), and then have their throats slit for their skin.

this is why uggs are ugly photo

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  • Profile photo of learningvegan

    194 days ago

    i shiver when i am walking down the hall and look down and see the ugg label (or the bear paw, since they use real animal skin, but i don’t shiver as much since i hardly see them) when the hall is crowded during ugg season i constantly look down to make sure my shes don’t touch the uggs since after seeing this, i dont want any substance of uggs on my feet or i shiver/feel like im going to hurl

    this adds to my the list of cons about uggs, here is how it goes now (least to most important)

    1 they are made in Australia not usa so that is less jobs in usa ( i thin the reason they make them in Australia is because treating the poor sheep this way is legal there, hear what i’m saying?)

    2 EXPENSIVE!!! seriously? $200 for a pair of boots? i have fake uggs and guess how much they were? $20 (and they are more comfy)!!! so its like asking, ” hey what would you rather, one pair of cruel and un-comfy boots that soon you can grow out of, or 20 pairs of boots that are not cruel and have no harm on the animals what so ever and are fashionable and are 100% more comfy (if you want some here is the link for them : http://www.walmart.com/ip/37483711

    3 they are super un-comfy ( when i was my mom found them in the clearance for 80$ and i felt the inside with my fingers and kept saying no then she forced me into them and my feet were itchy for the rest of that day)


  • Profile photo of suigenic

    450 days ago

    I thought they were ugly anyway but this makes them even worse.

  • Profile photo of sugerbunny

    540 days ago

    This is why I want fake animal free uggs for christmas

  • Profile photo of LeahLovesKittys98

    552 days ago

    :0 oh my gosh i just recently bought me a pair of ugg’s this is soo not right :c shame on me :( i had no idea they use sheep poor sheep :(

  • 554 days ago

    Animals suffer beyond belief for our vanity……don’t let them suffer anymore, don’t buy Angora products,rabbits suffer, boots, sheep suffer

  • Profile photo of MrVarun

    557 days ago

    There must be firm rules for this kind of cruel act !!! Shame on them. ;(

  • Profile photo of Alexiak63

    559 days ago

    Never have bought uggs and never will! This is just cruel!