Are You Eating Poop?!

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Meat is gross. I mean, just look at it:

But what a lot of people don’t know is that most animals killed for meat are kept in crowded, filthy conditions and are sometimes fed drugs, chemicals, pesticides, and hormones.

And that’s not all—a lot of retail ground turkey, chicken breast, and ground beef contains poop!

If you think this is gross, then don’t let any of your friends and family eat food with sh*t in it!


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  • Profile photo of NIDHEE

    165 days ago

    i didn’t even know that people eat the snout of pigs, i mean it’s just ewwww…

  • Profile photo of

    505 days ago

    I have facebook but no twitter, Can I share only on facebook?

    • Profile photo of Whitney-C

      503 days ago

      You can share anywhere online, just be sure to submit a screenshot!

  • Profile photo of emisaenz5

    525 days ago

    Oh my gosh

  • Profile photo of Vdempsey

    548 days ago

    ohh gosh

  • Profile photo of gurpinder

    576 days ago

    guys…… keep it up

  • Profile photo of KierstonBottenfield

    578 days ago

    How do I do a screen shot? All the campaigns I’m seeing keep say do a screen shot…there for I cant do anything -_-

  • Profile photo of GGAS

    603 days ago

    my friend asked this-well veggies are grown in poop what difference does this make

  • Profile photo of veganbeansie

    603 days ago

    this is soo amazing!! i love this. makes me happy that it’s so gross, because then i can show people exactly how gross eating meat is.

  • Profile photo of MeganMarieCorcoran

    606 days ago

    I don’t have a face book or any of those fancy things! How am i supposed to earn points? Almost everything on the street team is face book related! sad face…….

  • Profile photo of beccalovesanimals

    610 days ago

    I am now never eating meat again

  • 614 days ago

    Are you eating poop?

  • Profile photo of salvatorejcento

    614 days ago

    i didn’t know that i was eating poop

  • Profile photo of Nicolas

    616 days ago

    Is it a Problem fi I Post These Things on Trumblr instead? :)

    • Profile photo of SaraAnn-C

      615 days ago

      Nope! Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter are all awesome sites to share posts. :)

  • Profile photo of kaylarenaysanchez

    617 days ago

    I cant screenshot things on my phone :( I did it anyway though

    • Profile photo of Sara-W

      617 days ago

      Can you get to a home computer or one at the library to get it? :)

  • Profile photo of zyanyavertiz

    619 days ago

    I will certainly do this, even if I don’t get my free stuff but…
    Could you send them even if I’m in México? It is quite hard to get vegan clothes around here…

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      619 days ago

      We’re not able to ship Street Team goods to Mexico, but you can exchange your points for discounts on PETACatalog.com items. :)

  • Profile photo of animalangel365

    621 days ago

    How can I do this on instagram?

    • Profile photo of Whitney-C

      620 days ago

      Unfortunately, the infographic is a bit too big for Instagram.