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Wearing someone’s dead skin is just plain gross—am I right? If that’s not enough to make you swear off leather, check out our top five reasons to buy cruelty-free:

5) One billion animals are killed every year for leather products.
Leather is not a “byproduct” of the meat industry. It is a coproduct. The meat industry makes a lot of money selling the skins of dead animals.

4) Leather is dead skin.
Literally. Ripping someone’s skin off and wearing it are the kinds of things that horror movies are made of. Don’t be a creep.

3) It’s bad for the environment.
The carcinogenic chemicals used to tan leather pollute the environment—endangering animals and humans.

2) You could be wearing a dog.
Undercover investigators have provided PETA with horrifying photographs of dogs in Thailand as they were being slaughtered so that their skins could be tanned for leather.

1) Animals don’t want to be skinned alive.
Duh. Just like you wouldn’t want to be beaten, have chili peppers or tobacco rubbed into your eyes in order to force you to walk to your death, and have your throat slit before being skinned, just to be made into a product that no one needs—right?

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