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Ahhhhhh, Valentine’s Day. A day when the school hallways are adorned with red and pink decorations (swoon), when it’s totally acceptable to buy yourself a box or two of vegan chocolates (double swoon), and when we get to dedicate an entire day to one of the best things ever: love.

While we know it’s easy to get caught up in the lovey-dovey excitement of le jour d’amour, it’s important to remember one important fact:

Humans aren’t the only animals with the capacity to love.

The bond between a mother cow and her calf is so strong that cows on dairy farms often wail, sometimes for days, when their babies are taken away shortly after birth to be sold to the veal industry. These gentle giants mourn the deaths of and even separation from those they love. They even shed tears over their loss. </3

This Valentine’s Day, remind your friends and family that all animals deserve love. Not just the human ones. Not just the cute and fluffy ones.

  All animals.

cow valentine's day

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