Bright Lights, Loud Music, and Fish Tanks?

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As if keeping marine animals from their natural habitats and holding them captive isn’t cruel enough, commercial real estate company AFB Investments plans to imprison them in a tank at its Sabrage nightclub in Royal Oak, Michigan.

The fish would be bombarded with loud music and bright lights.

According to reports, the fish—who are highly sensitive to vibration—will be confined to a tank amid crowds of more than 200 people and subjected to loud music from at least two DJ booths as well as live acts. These conditions would be highly stressful and even fatal to these animals. This tank could be installed at any time.


Please urge AFB Investments and the Royal Oak City Commission to STOP plans to exhibit live marine fish at Sabrage by sending polite comments here:

Aaron Belen, AFB Investments

The Honorable Jim Ellison
Mayor of Royal Oak

The Honorable David J. Poulton
Mayor Pro Tem of Royal Oak

The Honorable Kyle DuBuc
City Commissioner

The Honorable Michael Fournier
City Commissioner

The Honorable Carlo P. Ginotti
City Commissioner

The Honorable Peggy K. Goodwin
City Commissioner

The Honorable Jim Rasor
City Commissioner

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I was shocked to learn that AFB Investments is constructing an exhibit at its Sabrage nightclub in Royal Oak, Michigan, where live aquatic animals will be confined to tanks amid crowds of up to 226 clubgoers and subjected to loud music from a DJ booth as well as live acts. Aquatic animals are highly sensitive to vibrations. Holding them captive is cruel enough, but a nightclub setting rife with loud music, bright lights, and noisy crowds would cause them extreme torment and stress.

Please stop plans to exhibit live animals.

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    577 days ago

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    wasn’t this mission about sharks before?

    • Profile photo of Whitney-C

      577 days ago

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      Yes, but the clubs’ plans have changed. Good eye, though. 😉