Sunsations: STOP Selling Suffering Animals

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Every year, countless people purchase wild or exotic animals on a whim as “pets,” but very few are prepared to commit to the years-long responsibility of caring for them or even know how to meet the animals’ special needs.

Stolen from the wild, sold as cheap trinkets, confined to small “habitats,” fed improper diets, and forgotten when the novelty wears off, these animals are doomed from the moment that they are born.

hermit crab

All wild and exotic animals suffer in captivity.

PETA has asked the owner of Sunsations, Inc.—a retailer that specializes in tourist novelties, swimwear, and apparel—to adopt a policy that prohibits the sale and display of hermit crabs, chameleons, bearded dragons, and snakes in all 35 of its stores. Sadly, our concerns have been ignored.

With so many other products to offer tourists, the retailer could make a profit without causing suffering. Please urge the owner of Sunsations to do the right thing and stop selling live animals at the company’s stores!

Please politely call:

Avi Sibony, Owner
Sunsations, Inc.
757-422-5739 (Press 1 to be transferred to Sunsations, then press 5 for customer relations.)

If you live in Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, or Virginia, please also call your local Sunsations store and ask its management to stop selling live animals!

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Don’t forget to let us know how your call went!

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