Tell Perrysburg High School to Save Fish!

Posted by  Rachelle Owen

Fish are far more complex than many people realize, and experts agree that they are capable of great suffering. However, students at Perrysburg High School in Perrysburg, Ohio, engage in the gruesome “tradition” of swallowing live goldfish during halftime at basketball games—and with the apparent support of school administrators!

Goldfish in Denver

Dooming these tiny animals, who have no means of escape, to a horrible death in a bath of digestive acids is NOT RIGHT.

 It also poses health risks to humans because of potential parasite and disease (salmonella) transmission. PETA asked school officials to end this activity for the sake of both students and goldfish, but the school hasn’t stopped.

These fish need your voice now!

Please urge Perrysburg High School administrators to put a permanent end to goldfish swallowing events—then forward this alert far and wide!

Polite comments can be sent to:

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  • Profile photo of hareythecuntmaster

    756 days ago

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    I live so close to Perrysburg and never knew this happened, wow.

  • Profile photo of isakitahashi

    829 days ago

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    My name is Yohanna. I am one of many who have become aware that at your school you allow students to swollow live fish.
    Scients have proven that fish arw intelligent and are not just mindless swimming machines.
    They have nervous systems and feel pain.
    Being swolled alive and then left trapped in stomach acid to die is cruel and inhumane.
    It is NOT teaching our next generation how to be tough or strong. It’s teaching them how to be cruel and to accept it.
    Thank you for your time and I hope you change what happens in your school.
    That’s what I wrote

  • Profile photo of tampafl007

    830 days ago

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    Come on guys, if you wanna be a tough guy, stand up to school and tell them to STOP killing these little gold fish. That’s a true man, a strong man, not some guy who can swallow a little gold fish. Grow up, be a man and make a difference.

  • Profile photo of maddiemoo

    869 days ago

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    EWWWW. okay, i cant even think about this. its GROSS. i mean swallowing live fish, what is wrong with you people?! Thats gotta be dangerous, too…. for you and the fish!!

  • Profile photo of yfgc

    875 days ago

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    That’s disgusting and disgraceful!

  • Profile photo of KierstonBottenfield

    878 days ago

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    This is effin disgusting!

  • Profile photo of souleatersebby

    878 days ago

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    My school once did an experiment where we monitored a fish’s breathing pattern while gradually increasing the amount of ice in it’s water. I found the entire thing utterly disgusting, so I sat out. I thought that was cruel, but this isn’t even for learning; it’s just for sick pleasure!

  • 878 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    these kids are suppose to be learing so inflicting pain on helpless fish this is cruel i dont call that learing you are a evil people this must stop