Tell Your Friends: They Don't Want to Die!

 Fact: Chickens, pigs, cows, turkeys, fish, and other animals on factory farms
don’t want to die.

After spending their short lives stuffed into cages, crates, or nets, they are often hacked apart while still alive and struggling. They live in filth, misery, and darkness, and in their last few moments of life, they are desperate, terrified, and confused.

Going vegan makes you a lifesaver, and the more people you inspire to give up their meat, dairy, and egg habit, the more animals you’ll save from the killing floor. Here’s how you can help:

Share these photos on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or wherever else you are online and ask your friends to go vegan

peta2 mission kill floor photo share on FB

peta2 mission kill floor photo share on FB

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