Make peta2 Your Sidekick!

Check out all the details below and then click "Get Points" to submit a form for points!

Every superhero needs a sidekick. While you’re trying to go vegan, figuring out the latest and greatest ways to help animals, or just trying to convince your family and friends to stop eating animals, you may need a little bit of help. Look no further—cause peta2 is here! And guess what?

We’re just a TEXT AWAY!

Yup, that’s right—you can text us! Now, keep in mind that every sidekick needs rest—so expect the quickest response Monday through Friday during working hours. But no matter what time of day, we promise that we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

And it gets better: you can get 750 Street Team points for sending us a text and signing up for text alerts!


Sara Ann texting peta2Here’s how:

1. Text peta2 to 73822 if you’re in the United States, and 99099 if you’re in Canada.

2. Take a screenshot of your text. 


3. Submit your screenshot for Street Team points using the form below!

NOTE: Just a heads-up that it could take a couple of days for us to respond. All animal emergencies should be reported to our Emergency Response Team by e-mailing CIDInfo@peta.org or calling 757-622-7382 as soon as possible!

Message & data rates may apply. Periodic Messaging. Text STOP to end or text HELP for info. Full terms are at http://peta2.me/txt.

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  • Profile photo of justme23

    99 days ago

    One problem, I’m not sure you can take a screenshot on a flip phone… Oh Well just letting ya know I still love PETA and animals just can’t do this. : )

  • Profile photo of jiley1

    101 days ago

    yay woot woot

  • Profile photo of fightingagainstanimalcruelty

    102 days ago

    What is the number if your in the United Kingdom?

  • 102 days ago

    Sent screenshot of my text via app, this option wold not allow photo

  • Profile photo of xthecheshirecat

    196 days ago

    I really like this option! :)

  • Profile photo of Whitetigress987

    284 days ago

    will I get charged with long-distance?

  • Profile photo of VGGLeader01

    303 days ago

    Hey is there another way to get you guys in my contact list. i only have a tablet and it only has kik thats all i have for now can i be able to add you guys on kik?

    • Profile photo of amyzi

      279 days ago

      Try downloading a texting app!

  • Profile photo of aadella

    324 days ago

    Ha I did this when I was at Warped Tour – I’ll have to redo it now that I’ve looked into it (I got a “Fuck yeah, I ♥ Animals” bracelet, be jealous)

  • Profile photo of meleiasykes

    335 days ago

    This is supper amazing. I’m happy that finally I can be apart of this pack. It’s nice to know you can save lots of animals lives and also feel like a super hero. GO PETA2! And to everyone who is apart of this you ROCK!

  • Profile photo of alizajickova

    335 days ago

    I hope it will be in Europe too :)

  • Profile photo of johnlocker02

    336 days ago

    I got a my sister and best friends to become vegan against animal testing! Yes!

  • Profile photo of Crazygirlnextdoor17

    337 days ago

    One problem: I don’t have a phone. Could I do it when I get one?

  • Profile photo of kumsam

    346 days ago

    I live in Australia how do I get text or which number should I save?

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      341 days ago

      We only have this feature for US and Canada. :)

  • Profile photo of ThinkAnimals13

    399 days ago

    i try to text but my messages are never delivered ):

  • Profile photo of Noomez

    407 days ago

    Hi, i’m new so i don’t know If this activite works for other country, i’m living in Mexico. If isn’t how can get points? Thank you

    • Profile photo of dssandov

      376 days ago

      There is peta latino. But if you want to earned points to earned free merchandise they only ship to the U.S.A and Canada.
      Ve a la pagina peta latino :)

  • Profile photo of mariyalikeaboss

    414 days ago

    do u have to have an iphone?

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      414 days ago

      Nope, any phone will work. :)

  • Profile photo of ccaatt1108

    415 days ago

    will it charge to get messages from you guys even if i have unlimited texting?

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      414 days ago

      Nope, should be free!

  • Profile photo of sianbentley

    416 days ago

    What about in the uk :(

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      414 days ago

      Only works in the US and Canada for now. :)

  • Profile photo of Pawprint2124PETA

    417 days ago

    I can’t seem to send the screen shot but I did send a text!

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      414 days ago

      Do you have a camera that you can take a photo of your screen with?

  • Profile photo of joelouisvachon

    464 days ago

    I want to add this as a contact to my iPod, but it says that Peta’s number is not registered with IMessage. Does this mean I can only text you with a phone?

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      463 days ago

      Yep, it can only be through text. :)

  • Profile photo of monochrome

    542 days ago

    I’m from Colombia, and I always have this problem, I can’t participate in contests because I don’t live in USA or Canada. :( Please, if you can do something to work with another countries <3

  • Profile photo of cakesbecca

    550 days ago

    I can’t take screenshots on my phone ):

  • Profile photo of kittenlover

    558 days ago

    I,m sorry, but how i can take screenshots? Please tell me!

  • Profile photo of tommycat

    573 days ago

    what about Australia???

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      572 days ago

      This only works in the U.S. and Canada, sorry!

  • Profile photo of sherilwren

    597 days ago

    im from India..to what number shall i text?

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      596 days ago

      Our texting program is only available in the US and Canada, but you can reach us through e-mail at peta2@peta2.com.

  • Profile photo of angieluvsanimals

    608 days ago

    I did, but it keeps saying to remove any unnecessary marks or whatever from my phone. There is none…0.0

    • Profile photo of SaraAnn-C

      606 days ago

      That’s just our bounceback letting you know we got your message. Someone will be responding to you soon. :)

  • Profile photo of insanebetty16

    609 days ago

    My phone won’t let the text go through :(.

    • Profile photo of Whitney-C

      608 days ago

      Ahhh, bummer! Does your phone say what the issue is?

  • Profile photo of LittleGirl

    612 days ago

    I love this! I did not know that I could text for advice and stuff, how cool c:

  • Profile photo of solerox

    612 days ago

    My ipad wont text to Peta2 what should i do?

    • Profile photo of SaraAnn-C

      609 days ago

      You can add peta2 as a contact in your regular phone. :)

  • Profile photo of TaniaChan

    616 days ago

    What if you don’t live in the US or Canada?

    • Profile photo of Whitney-C

      616 days ago

      Our texting program is only set up for the US and Canada at this time, sorry! If you have any questions about how you can help animals, you can e-mail us at peta2@peta2.com. :)

  • Profile photo of rae23

    623 days ago

    Never mind I seen it ;(

  • Profile photo of rae23

    623 days ago

    Does it charge? Is it totally free:)?

    • Profile photo of Whitney-C

      622 days ago

      Standard texting rates apply, so it depends on whatever your current texting plan is!

  • Profile photo of prriyanka93

    627 days ago

    what number to use in India?

  • Profile photo of Dagmar

    628 days ago

    My phone is stupid and can’t take screenshots. What can I do?

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      628 days ago

      You can take a photo with a different camera. :) ~ Annie from peta2.

  • Profile photo of naturegirl

    630 days ago

    What number can we text if we’re in the UK?

    • Profile photo of Sara-W

      630 days ago

      At the moment we can’t text with the UK, but you can always e-mail your questions to us at peta2@peta2.com. :)

  • Profile photo of animalangel365

    631 days ago

    I already signed up for peta2 alerts. Is this the same thing?

    • Profile photo of Sara-W

      630 days ago

      This is asking you put us in your contact list (like where you save your friends’ numbers on your phone) so that whenever you have a question, you can just pop up our number to text it to us. :)