Thousands of Frogs Could Suffocate to DEATH

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The California Department of Fish and Game and the city of San Francisco are considering draining Lily Pond at Golden Gate Park in order to kill thousands of African clawed frogs—who were reportedly released from research laboratories and who now call the pond home.

Once the pond’s water levels drop, these animals will slowly suffocate to death.

Tell officials to stop all plans to drain the pond while aquatic animals are still living in it and to humanely euthanize the frogs instead of subjecting them to agonizing deaths if alternative methods of control are impossible.

Please send polite comments to:

Eric Larson
Environmental Program Manager
California Department of Fish and Game

Phil Ginsburg
General Manager
San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department

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  • Profile photo of Kellgan

    1010 days ago

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    The research facility must step in and correct this wrong. I see a double issue here for these poor frogs.

  • Profile photo of thatsokay

    1012 days ago

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    the whole reasons of haveing a president,ruler king or queen is because the want to at least try to create world peace, why don’t they get ride of simple things like this and animal cruelty because they choose not to. some people hate animals but if it was on a human then they would have smypathy but for animals they forget the fact that they have feelings that we also have

  • Profile photo of msharkgirl

    1013 days ago

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    My heart just broke into a million little pieces. They can’t kill them :'(