URGENT! Animals Missing From Your Area!

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FACT: Every year, more than 10 million cats, pigs, frogs, and other animals are killed for classroom dissection. They’re gassed, embalmed, cut from the wombs of their mothers, stolen from the wild, and even purchased from animal shelters … all while humane alternatives to dissection exist.

Your choice not to dissect means life or death for an animal.

October is “Cut Out Dissection” month, so spread the word about the cruelty behind dissection by posting our new printable “Missing” posters around school (with permission!) to raise awareness.

missing cat dissection poster

  1. Download the “Missing” posters!
  2. Hang them in your locker and around your school (with permission, of course!).
  3. Snap a pic of the posters once you hang them up and submit it for 2,000 points by clicking “Get Points” above!


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