Have Netflix? Watch Blackfish!

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Netflix is streaming the hit documentary Blackfish, which pieces together the emotional story of Tilikum the orca, and we want YOU to check it out and watch it with everyone you know!

Tilikum was torn away from his family as a baby and has been imprisoned and neglected for 30 years at SeaWorld and another marine park.

Now, YOU can help him just by switching on your TV! Here’s how:

1. Invite all of your friends over to watch Blackfish on Netflix!

Blackfish viewing party invitation

2. Watch Blackfish. 

Blackfish CNN airing

Yep, it’s that easy! Once you’ve watched it with your friends (or if you’ve already seen it in theaters), submit a report and let us know how it went for 1,500 Street Team points!

You already know that keeping animals in captivity is f#@ked up—we get that. But this is YOUR chance to help your friends make the connection that animals aren’t ours to use for entertainment.

Make it count … for him.

Don’t forget to let us know how it went!

Once you do, you’ll earn 1,500 Street Team points that you can use toward getting FREE peta2 swag, such as T-shirts, books, posters, and more! Not part of the Street Team yet? Click below to join right now for FREE!

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  • Profile photo of ashicks

    15 days ago

    So heartbreaking how these orcas are kept in captivity, no room and no freedom and people pay money to the company that does this. Such a sad film.

  • Profile photo of crizi

    16 days ago

    I want to watch it so bad but my crazy pregnancy emotions probably won’t let me make it through 5 minutes and be able to actually watch it, defiantly watching it after I have the baby.

  • 18 days ago

    SoS Freedom 4 All Captivated Epic Oceanic Wildlife

  • 18 days ago

    SoS Save All Epic Oceanic Wildlife

  • Profile photo of masona

    20 days ago

    Blackfish was one of the saddest films i have ever watched. i cried so much! i can’t believe the way people treat them, it’s just terrible!

  • Profile photo of camrync

    25 days ago

    Blackfish was a very sad film to watch! All of my friends and I cried. The way the people treat them is so horrible!

  • Profile photo of neuroticbubbles

    352 days ago

    Blackfish was so sad and hard to watch! but knowledge is power and thats what this movie gave me. Also I’m dyslexic so I really hope my report can be understood…

  • Profile photo of Yeraslyd

    471 days ago

    Omg I couldn’t even make it into 15 minutes. My family is planning on going to seaworld this summer and just the thought that my family supports this makes me cry. It makes me mad. Yet they don’t want to see the movie but I am going to force them. I will glue there ignorant butts done until they see every second.

  • Profile photo of mbrown54

    475 days ago

    That was one of the most depressing movies I have seen!!! I knew people lied, but I had know idea to what extent…. And the thought of people talking the babies from there mums…. Just horrible!!!!!

  • Profile photo of 6cat6lover6

    504 days ago

    It made me cry it was a very sad movie I wasn’t able to last that long before I had to turn it off!

  • 505 days ago

    I really dont feel sad for the trainers beacause they shoudn`t treat orcas like that and its abusing the orcas and the orcas must feel bad

  • 509 days ago

    hii I think some stuff id disgusting to see espacally the fur story

  • Profile photo of shashinka

    512 days ago

    I feel reallu sorry for orcas but also for the trainers. I belive they were thinking that they helo animals, they didn’t know the truth. It’s great that such a documentrary was made, so more and more people get to know what’s going on, including other trainers.

  • Profile photo of amanie

    519 days ago

    I do have Netflix, but it says that this documentary isn’t available, is it because I live in Canada ?

  • Profile photo of octopusfrenzy

    520 days ago

    i really want to watch it, but seeing that trailer just made me nauseous… i dont think i would be able to to last 15 minutes into the film…

    • Profile photo of TogetherWeCanSaveThemAll

      513 days ago

      I had the same problem. I really didn’t think I would make it through. However, I do think the movie was well worth watching.

  • Profile photo of TogetherWeCanSaveThemAll

    522 days ago

    I have watched the preview and I just start bawling. I don’t know how I will be able to get through to movie.

  • Profile photo of christopher199706

    522 days ago

    iv’e watched it on Sunday and i haven’t gotten my points

    • Profile photo of Whitney-C

      522 days ago

      We received hundreds (and hundreds) of reports from Street Teamers each week, so sometimes, it takes us a few days to get caught up. We appreciate your patience!

  • Profile photo of fJiva

    523 days ago

    The real psycho is Human Being, just because we were gifted with further knowledge in ruling this world, we become more & more greed and end up controlling those innocent voiceless souls.
    We’re doing & making wrong, will only wake up ones our own acts hit us back, at that time no more turn back for us anymore.

  • Profile photo of katelynlovesanimals10

    550 days ago

    I want to watch it. I hope it doesnt make me cry though. Animal movies always do…

  • Profile photo of maxi

    570 days ago

    i miss it,anyone knows where to see it?

  • Profile photo of dgostev

    575 days ago

    Dammit, it already went on! Is there any way I can save the animals?

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      572 days ago

      Share the trailer with all of your friends! :)

  • Profile photo of CheyenneStarr

    576 days ago

    on in two hours!

  • Profile photo of morgan22

    580 days ago

    i don’t have any vegan friends in Shawnee Kansas but my friend Jess and I are vegans but she lives in a different state:( oh well i love Blackfish and SEAWORLD SUCKS!!! I also want to ask if you can follow my popular animal rights account on Instagram called @animal_activists?

  • Profile photo of annahasnolife

    580 days ago

    It’s hard for me to get friends to come over, is it okay if I just watch it with my parents? 😛

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      580 days ago

      Yeah, totally! :)

  • Profile photo of deedeeramey

    580 days ago

    What time will this air?

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      580 days ago

      Check your local listings first to see what time Blackfish airs in your area. :)