Wear an Animal Rights Halloween Costume

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This year, go trick-or-treating in style—animal savin’ style, that is—by making your own animal rights–themed Halloween costume!

animal rights Halloween costume

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Not sure where to start? Never fear! Here are some quick and easy ideas:

  • Get a cheap doctor or scientist costume from a Halloween store and turn it into a “mad scientist” costume to speak up for billions of dogs, mice, cats, dogs, primates, and other animals who are tortured and killed in laboratories.
  • Fashion a homemade bullhook (minus the sharp hook, of course) and scum it up for your Ringling trainer costume!
  • There’s not much on Earth that’s scarier than a clown—and, of course, good ol’ Ronald McDonald tops the list. Go as this demented clown and be sure to tell all your friends how McDonald’s suppliers scald chickens to death!

Need more inspiration? Check these out:

animal rights Halloween costume

animal rights Halloween costume

animal rights Halloween costume

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